Business Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting

Finance as a Service

Maybe you need a business plan to present to the bank or potential investors, maybe you need to set targets for sales commissions or maybe you need to ensure you have sufficient cash to achieve your goals. There are hundreds of reasons why a sound financial plan is required; the key is to make the process efficient and meaningful to your business.

Every business is different with unique strategy, business drivers and targets. The financial plan needs to be aligned to your business strategy, flexible enough to be adjusted for a changing business environment and produce realistic yet challneging targets. The process and outputs need to be meaningful to those responsible for delivering results without taking up to much of their time.

How FaaS can help:

Our clients request on of 2 options:

  1. Lead the budget / forecast process: this involves creating a budget model unique to your business, working with the business to understand the key assumptions and targets as well as analysing external factors which may affect the plan. Following this we will present back the resulting plan and assist with monitoring progress against the agreed plan.
  2. Provide a budget / forecast template that is specific to your business and can be used by your team to create the financial plan.

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