Different businesses have different requirements in terms of accounting software and we work with selected partners to advise on the best solution for you. This will depend on a number of factors:


  • Scope of requirements – is it a pure finance system or do you want to use the system to manage the operational side of your business and / or manage customer relationships (often this is a grey area we can help you understand)
  • Industry in which you operate
  • Number of users / volume of transactions
  • Number of companies within your structure
  • Use of foreign currency
  • Other systems that you currently use
  • Acceptable level of investment / running costs for a new system


Once you have selected the most appropriate solution we can work alongside you to ensure that you maximise the benefits of the investment ensuring that processes are as efficient as possible, you have appropriate controls in place, the migration / implementation runs to plan and also that your information requirements are met. Often clients find that after implementing a new system they still find it difficult to understand easily the performance of the business, our dashboards and additional reporting suites compliment your system to ensure this gap is filled.