Management Reporting

Your management reports should provide you with a basis for making informed business decisions and provide better control of your business.

  • All companies are required to produce financial accounting information, however management reporting information is far more useful
  • In addition to providing information on historical business performance, it can also provide up to date and forward looking information, far more useful decision making
  • It is not restricted by financial reporting standards and can be tailored to the key decisions and performance indicators of your business

How can FaaS help?

There are three areas where FaaS can help:

  1. Development of management reports appropriate to your business. Many businesses are looking to develop management reports for the first time and are unsure how to do this most effectively. Consultants at FaaS have years of experience in developing management reports for a range of industries and users, enabling you to save a time and money in developing reports as well as providing a level of confidence that the reports produced will be of high quality and effective for decision making / control.
  2. Re-working existing reports to increase their effectiveness. Many organisations find over time that the reports they produce lose relevance and are not used by business leaders effectively. FaaS can review these with you to identify problems and improve the quality of information provided.
  3. Outsourcing of management reports. Having full time management accounting resource can be very costly. FaaS can provide a management report service so that you only pay for the service that you use.

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