Power BI Introduce Dashboards: 10-Day Proof of Concept

This engagement is designed to deliver visualisations, reports and dashboards feeding from existing data sources to meet specified business needs, utilising standard templates and system experience in order to maximise deliverables in the timeframe.

Financeaas has a wealth of experience in:

  • Identifying key metrics based on business value drivers
  • Delivering insight in a range of industries including; Manufacturing, Professional Services, Financial Services, Construction and Technology
  • Implementing / maximising the benefit of a variety of systems including; ERP systems, accountancy software, CRM packages, compliance software and bespoke databases


  • Assessment of needs and review of data sources
  • Data modelling
  • Development of initial visualisations, reports and dashboards
  • Review and finalisation of visualisations, reports and dashboards
  • End user training


By the end of this proof of concept, you will have usable, engaging and action-oriented dashboards that provide real insight to provide business benefits today. All visuals will be constructed with future development in mind and an assessment of potential further benefits will be provided.


Financeaas has priced this service without knowledge of the client’s data quality and range of business needs. Financeaas reserves the right to change the conditions of service based on the complexity of data sources.


Power BI Introduce Dashboards: 10-Day Proof of Concept – £7,250

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